Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment – Condensers, and Aftermarket Parts

Omega-Santech's condenser line includes OEM replacement condensers and universal condensers. We stock the latest designs like Parallel Flow, Serpentine, 6mm piccolo and Tube and Fin. These drop in replacement condensers are preferred by installers worldwide.

Setting the Standard

Omega-Santech certifies condenser manufactures that excel in their respective markets and maintain the highest Quality Standard certifications like the QS9000 or ISO9001. We offer product from our certified manufactures. Other than OEM manufactures we offer products from the industries best manufacturers here and abroad that have met our Quality Certifications.

When it comes to automotive and heavy-duty truck condensers, Omega is one of the top players in the aftermarket industry. With our commitment to quality, Omega has become a trusted name among fleet managers, counter persons and mechanics alike. Omega's condensers are built to meet the demanding needs of modern vehicles, ensuring optimal cooling performance in even the harshest of conditions. Whether you're replacing a condenser in a customer's vehicle or maintaining a fleet of heavy-duty trucks, our extensive range of condensers is designed to fit various makes and models, usually resulting in a precise fit and reliable operation.

Omega's automotive and heavy-duty truck condensers are engineered with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Their condensers are designed to maximize energy efficiency while delivering superior cooling performance. Omega's commitment to quality extends to their rigorous testing and quality control processes, ensuring that each condenser meets industry standards. Whether you're looking to improve your customer's air conditioning system or maintain the cooling system of your heavy-duty truck, Omega's condensers offer a reliable solution that keeps you cool on the road. Choose Omega for top-notch condensers that will fit your application.