Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment – Driers, Accumulators and Aftermarket Parts

Omega-Santech offers aftermarket automotive air conditioning parts and systems, including a full line of A/C parts for automobiles, trucks, and buses. We provide a one-stop shop. We provide sales support, freight consolidation and engineering support. Browse our AC parts catalog and select from our large inventory of driers and accumulators.

We carry a large selection of receiver driers and accumulators from such OEM manufacturers as Parker, Fujikoke, Evapin, ATCO and other reputable Asian companies.

Our product line includes the latest applications of imports in aluminum and steel, as specified in the OEM applications these replace. We have an extensive selection of products addressing the automotive, light truck, heavy duty trucks, buses and off road equipment.

Omega specializes in providing top-quality automotive and heavy-duty truck parts, including receiver-driers and accumulators designed to meet the needs of these vehicles. The receiver-drier functions as the filter for the A/C system, removing contaminants and moisture from the refrigerant. Receiver-driers are always found on A/C systems which have an expansion valve and are located on the high side of the system, usually between the condenser and the internal expansion valve. Omega's part line has earned a great reputation as a trusted source for vehicle maintenance and repair professionals in the US. Omega-Santech offers an extensive range of receiver-driers and accumulators that are meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding performance and durability.

Omega-Santech has an experienced and responsive customer support team that is always ready to help customers with product inquiries, technical guidance, and customer-specific needs. As a result, Omega-Santech stands out as a leading supplier of automotive and heavy duty truck parts. This automotive and semi truck part line includes receiver driers and accumulators, contributing to the smooth and efficient operation of climate control systems in automobiles and heavy-duty trucks throughout the US.