Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment - Evaporators and Aftermarket Parts

Omega-Santech carries the full line of air conditioning products and systems for all vehicles. We do engineering, freight consolidation and credit management for our customers. Browse our auto air conditioning catalog and select from our large inventory of evaporators.

Omega-Santech carries one of the most comprehensive lines of evaporators in industry today. Our applications include models ranging from 1978 through 2019. Our inventory spans all three major evolutionary models: ( Aluminum Tube and Fin, Serpentine, Plate Fin). And we stock a full line of evaporators in both lefthand drive and righthand drive applications for automotive, light trucks, heavy duty trucks, buses and off-road equipment.

Omega-Santech offers an impressive range of HVAC evaporators tailored specifically for automobiles and heavy-duty trucks. An evaporator is an integral component of a vehicle's air conditioning system, responsible for cooling and dehumidifying the air circulated within the cabin. Omega-Santech's evaporator product line is quite comprehensive. Use our search tool to look up evaporators by your vehicle's year, make, model and engine. Our evaporators will ensure optimal comfort for passengers in diverse weather conditions.

Omega-Santech evaporators are made with to deliver efficient and reliable performance. They are crafted using high-quality materials and industry standard technology, enhancing cooling efficiency but also promoting long-term durability. Whether you drive a compact sedan or a heavy-duty truck, Omega-Santech's evaporators are designed to meet the unique demands of your vehicle type. When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and controlled climate inside your vehicle, Omega-Santech's HVAC evaporators are the go-to choice for automotive professionals and heavy duty truck fleet managers alike.

Our inventory of stock evaporators includes the popular Ford GM and Chrysler applications as well as such international brand names as Opel, Citroen, Peugeuot, Skoda, Renault, and Seat.