Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment - Expansion Valves and Heater Control Valves

Omega-Santech is your one stop resource for all of your AC climate control needs. We offer a full line of aftermarket auto air conditioning products and systems for all vehicles. Browse our auto air conditioning catalog and select from our large inventory of expansion valves and heater control valves.

Omega-Santech offers a wide selection of expansion valves in OEM and aftermarket applications. Our stock inventory includes products manufactured by Parker, Fujikoki, Egelhof, TGK, Ranco/Invensys and many others.

We stock over 72 thermal expansion valves and 96 block valves for automobile, truck, bus and off-road vehicle applications.

Expansion valves and heater control valves play crucial roles in the efficient functioning of both automobiles and heavy-duty trucks, ensuring optimal climate control and refrigeration systems. Expansion valves are a key component in an air conditioning system; they help to regulate the flow of refrigerant through the system. The part's valves carefully meter the refrigerant, allowing it to expand from a high-pressure, high-temperature state to a low-pressure, low-temperature state, essential for effective cooling. Whether you have an automobile or a semi-truck, a properly functioning expansion valve is vital for maintaining comfortable cabin temperatures, especially during long journeys or extreme weather conditions. An expansion valve contributes to the energy efficiency of the vehicle's cooling system, which can have a big impact on fuel economy in the case of trucks covering extensive distances.

Heater control valves are important in that they control the flow of coolant through the heating system in vehicles. Whether it's keeping the cab warm or preventing engine overheating, these valves are invaluable for temperature management. In cold climates, the heater control valve allows hot coolant to flow through the vehicle's heater core, providing warmth inside the cabin. However, in warmer conditions it restricts the flow of hot coolant. Maintaining proper function of heater control valves is critical for passenger comfort and vehicle safety. Heater valves from Omega will ensure that your vehicle's heating system will respond effectively to changing environmental conditions and temperature requirements, and create a pleasant and safe driving experience in all seasons.