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Mobile Auto Air Conditioning Parts And Equipment

Auto Air conditioning Parts for many different vehicles.We offer the following parts: accumulator / driers, blower assemblies, blower motors, compressors, condensers, electric fans, and fan accessories. We also carry electrical parts, evaporators, expansion valves, aluminum and steel fittings, heater control valves, heater fittings, convoluted tubing, sealing media, specialty service kits and much more.

Omega and Santech customers are diverse- from Bus, RV and Off-Road Equipment to Fleets and Agricultural equipment, we go out of our way to customize A/C solutions to meet your specific needs.

Specialized programs, such as ordering schemes coded to existing catalog numbers, are the norm.

For those who insist on buying direct, our in-house manufacturing plant not only provides a broad array of standard OEM products, it also offers customized manufacturing support; an in-house engineering staff is available for consultation.

Recent custom programs have included such niche products our Heavy Duty Truck Service Kit for HD truck repair, and A/C units for hot rods and school buses.